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Everything You Need To Know About The Academic Essay Title Page Format

As you advance academically you will find that will be more and more requirements with each of your written assignments. By the time you are in college and sometimes in high school you will be required to submit a title page with each essay. There some very specific rules you should know about proper formatting which we discuss here:

Follow Standard Rules Across Disciplines

The first step in creating a good academic essay title page is identifying the appropriate style format for your discipline. If you are uncertain of the right style format then it would be good to pick a standard format that works across all disciplines. The MLA style should work just fine just be sure that if you do select this that you don’t switch to any other style at any point in the paper. The title page should indicate to reader what style you have selected in the elements you have used. Don’t confuse the reader by switching out of the blue.

Use a Simple and Easy to Read Font

There is no room for fancy fonts or textual effects in academic writing. You should always look towards presenting a professional document that speaks to your expertise on the given subject. Use a simple and easy to read font. Preferably use a san serif font that is easy to read both on screen for electronic submission and in print – Arial and Calibri are just fine. Stick to a point font, using all caps for the main title and mixed caps for the sub title.

Write a Short Title that is Interesting

Another basic requirement of an academic essay title page is create a title that is interesting and tells the reader exactly what the paper is about. Creativity is highly encouraged, but you don’t want to create a title that is misleading or confusing. It’s okay to include a subtitle, just try to keep the name of your document to within two lines.

Provide All Required Course Details

Lastly, no matter what format style you use all course information should be included at the bottom of the page. Center the information and provide the course name, the professor’s name and the date submitted. Some disciplines like psychology and sociology will require you to also include the institution’s name in longer works such as research papers. Check for individual requirements to be sure.