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Creating A Top-Quality Movie Response Essay For College

As any other teenager, you also love watching movies and it’s easy to write about them in your essays. When you write a response essay you just have to pay more attention than usual to the main scenes of the movie. Of course, you will still have to work on the structure and the general appearance of the composition, but this is something that will take only a few minutes. Here is how to create his kind of composition:

  • Choose the movie that you want to talk about. There are many interesting movies out there, but you have to choose one that you really love and know. If you don’t know it, you will have to watch it a dozen times before you will be ready to write and this can make you waste your entire afternoon. Besides, the more you love it the more happy you will be writing about it.

  • Write some details about the movie in the introduction of the essay. You know everything about it, but you can’t be sure that your colleagues know it also. You will have to tell them what is the movie about, what are the principal characters and what is happening in the movie. Try to keep the introduction short, because you will have time to develop these ideas later.

  • Emphasize the good points. In this kind of composition you have to analyze the movie and see what is interesting or not about it. To start with, you will have to say what are the most fascinating things and why this movie is so special. Does it bring something new to the public? The director captured a certain scene in good way? Basically you have to write what you liked about the movie.

  • Mention some negative points. You don’t have to criticize every detail of the movie, but you can write about those scenes that seemed fake to you, or the moment when you saw a mistake in the makeup. This will allow your colleagues to know the entire movie and understand why you like it so much.

  • Decide if you like it or not. You will have to do this in the conclusion, so you have to keep this part short. Write down what is your final opinion regarding this movie and why, as well as your favorite part.