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How to Write the Best Essay - Make Your Paper Stand Out

It may come as a surprise to you but the secret of writing the best essay, an essay which makes sure that it will stand out, is that you follow the tried and tested methods of operation. There is no magic bullet. There is no secret formula. There is the way that millions have chosen before and proved to be successful.

Here is a list of basic steps, elementary steps you should take in order to write the best possible essay. Follow these and you are well on the way to writing top essay.

  • Choose the appropriate topic.
  • Use the proven formula.
  • Always create an outline.
  • Write your first draft quickly.
  • Learn the art of rewriting and editing.
  • Become a brilliant proofreader.

There are also a number of other steps you can take such as seeking feedback for your work as you go. Obviously you want someone who is interested in reading what you've written but any sort of feedback can be helpful.

The choice of appropriate topic is vital. If you are given free range to choose a topic yourself, make sure it is a topic you like to write about or have some prior knowledge of or are likely to be studying in the future.

The proven formula of writing an essay is that it's divided into three main sections -- the introduction, the main body paragraphs, and the conclusion. This formula or structure has been used by millions of students. It works. Don't try and reinvent the wheel.

A plan or an outline is essential. It forces you to think about what you're going to write about and it gives you an instant overview. Always create an outline.

If you've done the research and created the plan with the details therein, get stuck into the actual writing. Don't think about things. Just write. Don’t worry about spelling and punctuation and whether or not your ideas are perfect. Just write.

You need to become good at editing. You need to be able to look at your first draft, find its mistakes and rewrite to make it perfect. And finally of course you need to become a brilliant proofreader. You must eradicate all mistakes, make sure you have the word count correct and certainly hand in your essay on time. If you follow those steps you go a long way to make your paper stand out.