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Academic essay writing services are not reliable

Academic essay writing services are not a smart investment of your time of your money. Many of these services offer essays and other writing that is substandard and that will easily be discovered by your professor.

Poor Quality

Most essay writing services will give you essays of very poor quality. The essays you get from these services may be poor for a variety of reasons. But you can be sure that getting a good quality essay from an essay writing service is the exception, and not the rule.

Non-Native English Speakers

Often essay writing services will have the essays written by someone who is not a native English speaker. This might not seem like a big deal. However, it’s easily recognizable to anyone who’s read a number of essays when you have an essay that was written by someone who is a non-native English speaker. And if a professor or teacher is able to identify which essays were not written by a non-native English speaker and you clearly are a native English speaker, then you could be in for trouble. One possible negative consequence of handing in an essay like this without catching the grievous errors in the essay left by the non-native English speaker, is possibly being asked to follow up with a screening for learning disabilities or other issues due to the extremely poor quality of the essay.

Uneducated Or Unqualified Writers

Another issue with essay writing services is that they will often hire people to write the essays who are uneducated or unqualified to write the essays. This will be demonstrated in the poor quality of the essay as well as the misleading or plain wrong content included in the essay. This can be especially troublesome when using essay writing services that promise professional writers with graduate educations. Even if the writers do have graduate school educations that doesn’t guarantee the quality of that education.

Automatic Rewriters

Some essay writing services will offer essays found on the web that have been put through an automatic rewriter, or through “spinning” an essay. Some rewriters are downloadable while others are offered free on the web. However, automatically rewritten articles are often of the lowest quality with much of the writing making little sense. Sometimes spun essays can even sound like nonsense.


Most often, when you use essay writing services you will be sold an essay that was found somewhere else on the internet. But most professors these days use online services that check for plagiarism. And plagiarism is bad news that can have powerful consequences. It can result in academic probation, suspension, and even expulsion as well as loss of professional reputation and academic standing.