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Simple Advice On Composing An Essay On Why Romeo And Juliet Is A Tragedy

Students write academic essays on various subjects and of various types. If you have to discuss the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in your paper, then you need to make sure you read the play carefully and give enough reason to your audience to believe your ideas. Even though most people already agree that the play is a tragic comedy by Shakespeare, you will need to give enough evidence from the work itself in order to create a strong stance.

The first thing you should do is to read the play carefully. Watch the performances on the play so that you can get a better understanding. You might have already read the play but it is a good idea to go through it again so that you can take notes and highlight areas where you can find support for your stance.

To make it easier, here are few reasons that you can use in order to strengthen your essay on why Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy

  1. Romeo is the hero of the story and he is tragic. You can think of many reasons from the play to see why Romeo is considered a tragic hero. Even though he is the protagonist in the play, this does not mean he will have a happy ending. He faces a conflict that he should overcome in any situation. He falls in love with the daughter of his enemy and kills her cousin. The judgments and the actions he take lead to his death which could have been avoided.

  2. Every bad or sad event that happens in the play is a result of a decision made by a character. This means that it could have not been the case as well. For example if apothecary had said no to Romeo, the death of Romeo and Juliet could be avoided. This shows that even small roles have a large impact on the results

  3. It is the personal decisions made by the hero and the heroine in the novel that leads to their misfortune and it is quite saddening

  4. Even though Romeo realizes by the end of the play that he has made some serious mistakes and many tragic events are taking place due to his decisions but it is too late for him to change anything.

  5. Both main characters die in the end

These all points are enough of an evidence to help you prove the fact that this play is a tragedy by Shakespeare.