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Creative Criminal Justice Essay Topics for You to Choose From

The criminal justice field of study can be vast and exciting. This makes for many choices when you are assigned a paper. You do want to make sure that you know what field of study your professor wants you to focus on in the paper. Some different fields are international law, police and the law, crime, lawyers and the process, or the judicial field. Once you know what field your essay should focus on, consider some of the following topics.

  • The NFL and criminal behavior of football players-discussing recent cases and rulings concerning those cases
  • The police and the recent accusations of police brutality-discuss the statistics and if there is really a problem or the media has created a problem
  • Peaceful protests- are they possible
  • The death penalty- for or against and why
  • Extraditing criminals from other countries-use specific cases and the laws concerning extradition
  • Rap and gang activity-is this a trend or a small problem among few rap stars
  • Michael Brown case-what happened and how it was handled in the court
  • The jury system –explain the different juries and how they operate in different instances
  • Serving on a jury-who has to and why
  • OJ Simpson- was he guilty or not, give the details
  • Ted Bundy-how was he able to kill as long as he did
  • Serial killers and their profiles- going back in time, select a few serial killers and focus on them
  • School shootings and how do we protect our children-how do we stop the violence in schools
  • Prisons-is the prison system the most effect means for rehabilitating criminals
  • Impeachment-what does it take to impeach a president, sue examples from the past
  • Princess Diana-whose fault was it she was killed
  • Florida and the Drug Cartels of the 90s- what happened, who was involved, and why
  • Inheritance and Estate laws- examples of when the laws were tested in court by surviving family members such as the Disney case

Once you pick the topic and your teacher has approved the topic, you want to begin your research. You must remember this is an academic paper, not a television show, so your support must be credible and it must be valid. Be prepared to state laws, sanctions, examples, and cases in your criminal judicial essay. You must have in-text citations and a reference page to go along with your criminal justice essay.