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Ugo La Pietra


Ugo La Pietra was born in Bussi sul Tirino, Italy in the year 1938. He lived and worked in Milan. In 1964 Ugo graduated from Polytechnic University of Milan, where he became an assistant professor at different institutes for 15 years until 1979. Ugo La Pietra worked for the University of Milan for three years and the University of Chieti-Pescara for 12years as an assistant professor. Later in his years of work he was appointed as a tenured professor of projects and design at the ISA Monza after serving as a professor in different faculties, i.e., Torino, Palermo, and Venice. Later on Ugo became the president of the observatory AD Arte and the founder of the department of Progettazione Artistica per Iā€™lmpresa at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.

In the 60s and 70s, was the period that Ugo went through intensive experimental activities. Those were the years that he made momentous contributions to radical designs. His work attempts, clarified a relationship in individual-environment hence the developed knowledge tools which are great models for understanding, which seeks the transformation of the traditional work viewer relationship.

It was in the 60s that Ugo La Pietra made most of his achievements like; he explored the theme of synesthesie des arts. This was the period that the urban interventions were designed in connection with the artworks of various artists like Fontana, Azuma. In 1967, Ugo La Pietra started another research on a different theory of the unbalancing system. This theory was an attempt to of utilizing an image as a revelatory tool, through symbolic actions on physical space and territory. In 1971, Ugo designed urban audio visual tool in Graz, Austria.

Also in 1972 he directed a film called La Grande Occasione. In 1973, he became the founder member of Global Tools group, which is an alternative school that deals with architect and design. In 1974, Ugo was responsible for the organization of the first exhibition of radical design in Milan, Belgrade, and Graz. A year later after the first exhibition Ugo La Pietra won the first prize at the Nancy Architectural Film Festival. Ever since Ugo La Pietra organized most exhibitions, i.e., the international center of Brera in Milan, the Milan Triennale, the Venice Biennale, etc.

Also, he participated in many events that contributed in his fame. People acknowledged his work and his contributions to the world of architect and design. Ugo La Pietra life was considered as an output due to his wide range of disciplines and research. It is said that all things have some value but not everything is superlative, be it an art or decorative art, painting or graphics, drawing or illustration. Hence separating functional arts from fine arts is like differentiating between the speed at which a falling pound of chicken feathers and a pound of goose feathers. In simple design and art is not dualistic, back to our subject (Sullivan 2014), Ugo La Pietra is the most-educative person on these matters. Ugo La Pietra memories and work live long.