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How to Write and Format a Simple Academic Essay 

What is an academic essay?

An academic essay is a form of writing to persuade someone to take a certain viewpoint on a particular topic or subject.  An academic essay is a way for the writer to promote their ideas and beliefs on a certain topic or subject.  An academic essay is a writing tool used by students to hone and grow their critical thinking skills.  A good academic essay demonstrates how a college student has learned to write out their ideas and beliefs on a particular topic and subject, and how to use the writing as a way to persuade others to take their viewpoint on the topic or subject.

How to write a simple academic essay?

Here are the main parts that should be included in a simple academic essay:

  • The Introduction: it lets the targeted reader know what the essay will be about, the topic or subject of the essay, and the thesis statement for the essay.
  • The Body: this is where the essay will lay out the main points of the topic, each main point shall be discussed in a separate paragraph, and set the tone on how the thesis statement shall be proven or disproven.
  • The Conclusion: it rephrases the thesis statement, reiterates the main points of the essay, explains how the thesis statement was proven or disproven, and wraps up the argument concerning the topic of the essay.

Here are some tips on writing and formatting a simple academic essay:

Use the following tips to write and format a simple academic essay:

  • Study the topic before writing about it in an essay to ensure that it is the worth the time to write about it.
  • Complete an outline to have an overview of the topic.  The outline should give a brief description of the following: thesis statement, introduction, main points, and conclusion.
  • Ensure that you write a good thesis statement on the topic.
  • Always ensure that you write at least two drafts of the academic essay before writing the final academic essay.
  • Ensure that you have others review the drafts and the final copy of the academic essay before turning it into your professor.
  • Ensure that all the main points of the essay are discussed in a separate paragraph.
  • Ensure that you have enough evidence to support the topic and your viewpoint on the topic.