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Providing Students with Analytical Essay Topics List

What is an Analytic Essay?

When writing an analytical essay you are setting out to closely study the intricacies and nuances of who, what, where, when, why, and how something works. You will provide a critical examination the topic, providing a deeper level of understanding to your readers. Here are some good ideas to get you started on your next analytical essay:


  1. Your favorite book

    Your favorite book can be a great source of analysis. What is the author’s purpose of the book? Does the book have a deeper meaning or purpose than what is superficially presented by the content? The plot, character, setting, and other literary techniques of your favorite book are all purposeful, and studying these closer can help us have a better understanding of a work of writing overall.

  2. A company’s success

    A strong topic of analysis would be a company’s success. Select a company of interest and use this as a case study. Carefully look at all the business practices of this company and what makes the company tick. Present your thorough analysis in a your next analytical paper.

  3. Marketing techniques

    In the digital age we have seen a rise of unique marketing techniques. Marketers use guerilla marketing, social media, email blasts and other informal means of communication. How effective are these marketing techniques? Why are certain techniques more successful than others in modern times? Marketing provides a ton of material, which can be reviewed in your analytical essay.

  4. Global warming

    There is much controversy surrounding global warning, and its actual effects. This speculation would make great analysis. Hone in on the questions people raise about global warming, and study the available data. Present your understanding of global warming from personal analysis of scientific data.

  5. Democracy

    What makes a democracy? Why is this system better or worse than other governing systems? Analyze government systems from around the world to provide a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of democracy vs. parliamentary or socialist systems.

Topics of analysis can be fun because you get to act as an investigator. Select a topic that will hold your interest and dive into the research. These topics above are just some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Write about what interests you and present thoroughly researched analysis.