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Study tips on how to write a cause and effect essay on any issue

Writing a cause and effect essay on any issue does involve some studying. It is difficult to simply write about an issue until you know something about it. Therefore, when you need to write a cause essay on an issue of your choice, you need to do some reading before you even begin the writing process. These are a few tips to write a successful cause essay on a topic of your choice:

  1. Choose an interesting topic. Since you will be spending time researching and reading about this topic, make sure you choose a topic that you want to actually learn. If the topic is not of interest, your essay will show your dislike for the issue.
  2. Research all sides of the issue. If you are writing a cause issue, you will want to know what has occurred on all of the sides. Most issues have a pro and con side to it, but some might have a few different angles of approach. Be sure that you are able to show what was done to make the issue become an issue and what people have been doing to keep it going or to stop it.
  3. Record your sources. This is always important to do, because you do not want to be accused of any form of plagiarism in your academic classes. Keep a list of the URLs or begin building a bibliography page in the style that is required for the course. There are several online apps that will save your bibliography sources with a simple username and password.
  4. Begin the writing process. Your researching and reading are actually part of the prewriting process. Once you feel like you have read enough information to understand the cause of the issue, then you should begin some organizing and prewriting. Causal essays usually require logical structure to show why the event or issue actually occurred in the first place.
  5. Formulate the outline. A cause essay requires an outline. Without an outline it is too easy to stray from the logical structure of the cause and outcome. Your outline should include the thesis statement and the main ideas along with supporting detail ideas in the body paragraphs. During the outlining stage, you do not need to write complete sentences, with the exception of the thesis statement.