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How to Ensure You Get the Best Essay Writers to Complete Your Order

Let’s assume you don’t have the time to write an essay. It isn’t necessarily wrong to hire somebody else to write the words and ideas you should be responsible for. It is a business, after all, and there are plenty of people/services out there more than willing to take your money for the time and energy you are unable or unwilling to devote.

At the risk of generating shame or pointing out the obvious, here’s a look at where your money is going.

Do you hear that giant sucking sound?

  • That’s the money you are pissing away. Not only are you wasting money on a class you are not attending…
  • You are also paying someone else to write your paper.

You are the only person who knows why you’re doing this. Moving on, if you don’t have the impetus to write the paper, it is paramount that you do the necessary research to find a writer capable of completing your task.

Don’t be lazy AND stupid

  • This seems obvious and counterintuitive at the same time, but, go to class. Just once. To find someone willing to write your paper.
  • How easy is this? Not only can you find potential candidates with the knowledge you need, but also the motivation to write their own paper. If a person has it in them to go to class for the purposes of writing an essay for themselves, what’s gonna stop them from making a few bucks on the side by writing one for you? Who the hell are they to say no to an easy mark like you?
  • I almost forgot to mention this very important factor-time. If you do choose to pay for someone else to write the paper, show a tiny bit of preparation by make sure all parties involved have fair warning. It will hopefully keep the cost down and not sacrifice quality.

OK, so now that  we have established your best bid is a student from the same class, here are a few other  less than desirable options.

Less than best

  • Someone always has a buddy who took the class last semester. This person is always willing to tell you s/he got a high mark. Be careful. Not only is turning in another student’s work risky and stupid, if s/he doesn’t realize the consequences for being caught selling an essay, the quality of that essay is probably on par with that of a coloring book.
  • Online options are always available, but it is a hassle and expensive. Just write your own essay.