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General Advice On Writing A Descriptive Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of an essay is the final impression made on the reader. It is the opportunity of telling the reader the last point related to your topic and makes the reader feel that he/she has learned something. Without a proper conclusion, your whole body matter can be a waste. The conclusion part is something which reflects your whole thoughts which you want to convey to the reader. You should read the matter twice or thrice before writing the conclusion.

Here are few ways to conclude the matter effectively:

  • Take a small break after you have finished writing: Being away from the writing for a while will help to refresh your mind, and you can read from the reader’s point of view once you have taken a break.

  • Now read what you have written with the reader’s mind: Ask yourself that does the essay written in the way that can be easily understood by the reader? Is any paragraph of the body confusing rather than descriptive? Do the language and figures convey the exact meaning you want to convey to the readers? Are the details given enough to the reader? Do the details help the reader to understand what the topic means to the writer?

  • Read the essay aloud: Reading loudly can make out if there is any confusing or awkward sentence in the matter.

  • Make someone else read it: Does it make sense to them? Did they understand the matter? Do they think that you should add or delete something?

  • Proofread your matter for punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors: Revise what you have written and make sure there are no errors whatsoever. This step is one of the most important ones.

  • You can use adjectives, metaphor, and simile: These types of literary constructs will make your conclusion more interesting.

These are some tips and advice you should follow while writing the concluding part of the descriptive essay. The above points can help you in writing the best one. Before starting with the conclusion part, make sure to read the matter you have written twice or thrice from the reader’s point of view. The concluding part is the final impression so try to make it catchy and understandable to the reader. The conclusion should be a short summary of what you have mentioned in your whole matter. After completing it, try to read it from the reader’s point of view.