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Tricks for freshmen: selecting funny essay topics

Writing an essay becomes challenging, if you do not have a clue where to start your essay. For students who have been writing essays on different subjects this maybe very easy. Most students, who like to write, find it easy to attempt essays. They have no issues in writing personal statement and college admission essays. The government and different charity organizations often introduce programs and competitions where a student is awarded a grant or a scholarship based on his essay. Essays can be serious, humorous, academic, formal, or informal. It depends upon the type of the essay and the purpose too. If you are asked to write a funny essay, you need to choose a topic that is funny.


  • To be able to choose a funny topic the first thing you should do is sit with a calm mind and brainstorm. Here is how
  • Sit in a peaceful corner. Make sure there are no distractions
  • Do not brainstorm in a crowded area or in front of the TV
  • Free your brain of all the thoughts and stress
  • Concentrate on your topic
  • Take a pen and a notepad with you and start noting down whatever comes to your mind
  • It is not important that you make sense here. You can edit the order and make logic later
  • Do not worry about irrelevant ideas; just keep noting down everything on a paper. You can delete stuff in the later phases
  • Look at your paper and filter out relevant and important data

Do not over do humor

Even if you are asked to write a funny essay, it does not mean that you over do it. You have to include humor so that the reader finds it interesting. There is a thing to being funny. You cannot simply crack bad jokes and be funny. You have to use your common sense and add real life humor to your essay

Stay natural in your tone

Once you have written your essay, it is a good idea to re read it and check if the words have a natural flow. You can do this by reading your essay aloud so that you may know if there is an inconsistency in the flow

Top five funny essay topics

  1. My happy hatching day
  2. The rabbit that ate candies
  3. My pet and his first crush
  4. Life of an aunt
  5. A visit to an odd friend