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Great Advice on How to Compose an Outstanding Essay

Composing an essay that is outstanding and impressive is a task that only exceptional students can seem to do. Students who are always struggling and making the below average grades may want to give up.  However, they should know that there is help available for the student who needs it.  Getting the help they need is as simple as getting some advice and tips about how to create their essay.  Practice will help the student as will the following tips.


  • Topic:  Finding the right topic is the first thing that the student needs to do for their essay.  Teachers may assign a certain topic, then the student will need they need to find their angle for the essay.  If the student has free reign, then they need to write on something that they are passionate about.
  • Research: Once the student chooses what they want to write about, then they need to research the subject.  Just because they know the basics about a subject doesn’t mean that they can write about it with the authority needed for an essay.  The student should research the subject matter to find out all the details about the subject.
  • Outline/Organization: The student needs to make an outline for the essay so that they can see how they need to organize the paper.  Order and organization is the key to any good essay and the students who use an outline has more of a chance of a better grade.
  • Write: The student needs to write a polished piece.  No student will produce a great piece the first draft, writing a draft and revising is how he or she get the great draft.  They need to make sure that the grammar is correct and the sentences are varied.  The essay needs to be edited and reviewed by more than one person, so that any errors can be spotted.

Students who use this advice will find that their essays come together easier.  They are able to compose the essay in a manner to complete the requirements that are set before them.

Following this advice will give students a better path to compose outstanding essays about whatever topic that they have chosen.  They need to remember that like all things, they will get better with time and practice so they should not give up hope when they start.  Each essay will improve with each attempt.  Writing is a practice skill that has to be cultivated.