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5 Tips For Writing An Introduction For An Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay is meant to explore a certain problem; the issues surrounding it and to analyze the data until you reach a conclusion or a solution. It's not similar to the essays that you usually write, but the elements that come with this paper are identical to others. Do not forget about the particularities of this type of essay and do not confuse it with an explanatory essay, which is a complete different type. To start your paper in successful way and to leave a good impression from the very begging, read these tips:

  1. Make your introduction informative. In the first lines, you need to explain to the reader what are your writing about and a few short ideas that you will explore in your content. If you are writing about a social problem, you can write what made you focus on that matter or what inspired you.
  2. Make it engaging. Since it is the first element that your professor will read, it need to be engaging and to provoke him to read further. The language that you use must be academic, but to show excitement at the same time. If you start writing on a positive note, the rest will follow the same.
  3. Mention some of the research methods that you used. Even if it’s not good to get into too much detail, you still need to mention what methods you used to reach your conclusion. This does not mean that you will write the name of books that you read or people that you quoted.
  4. Write the expected result or conclusion. Even if it is the introduction, the reader needs to know what to expect when he is reading your paper. What is the purpose of this text, what are you trying to analyze and why? You need to answer these questions in your first paragraphs.
  5. Keep it short. Many students want to make a great piece, and they tend to integrate more information than it is necessary. An acceptable introduction does not have more than ten lines or two, three paragraphs, and it is very well connected to the rest of the essay. What is over this limit will be considered as part of the composition itself, and this can be very confusing to your teacher? Be short and concise and do not try to expose your opinion from the very beginning.