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Incredible Step-By-Step Guide on How to Write an Essay

I'm not sure that the adjective incredible is the ideal way to describe the step-by-step guide listed here on how to write an essay. This is because the step-by-step guide is one which has been used for generations and by millions of students. If by incredible we mean difficult to believe then that is the wrong word. If by incredible we mean brilliant or outstanding as is one common interpretation of the word, then hopefully it is spot on.

One of the most important things about the information in this article is not only that you are given a step-by-step guide on how to write an essay but the steps are given in chronological order. Follow them in the order they are given and follow every one of them. Sometimes a student may say, “Well I know how to do such and such so I can skip over that step”. That can be the cause of a student dropping marks with their essay.

  • The choice of topic can determine the success of your essay.
  • Knowing the requirements of the essay.
  • The ability to find and notate relevant research material.
  • A planned or outline is the central.
  • Writing at least two drafts.
  • Getting feedback from a variety of sources.
  • Being able to edit and proofread is always helpful.

If you have the opportunity to choose the topic yourself, choose something you like or want to write about or have a background in or intend to study in greater detail sometime in the future.

If the essay is to be written in a particular format and contain a particular number of words then you must, repeat must follow the requirements of the essay.

It is very rare that you will write an entire essay off the top of your head. You will need to carry out research. The success of your essay will depend on your ability to find relevant research material and to extract important data.

Without a plan or an outline you make a rod for your own back.

Writing at least two drafts is important. With all the relevant information and a decent plan in front of you, you write your first draft as quickly as possible. This enables you to get down anything and everything in your head without wiring about spelling and grammar.

Getting feedback from anyone is always important. Listen to or read what they say and consider their comments when you come to the final stage which is being able to edit and proofread your essay.