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15 Exciting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School Students

The compare and contrast essay is usually a part of the middle school writing program. It is also a tricky assignment. The two sides need to be equal and they both need to be supported with credible and academic references. Your kids will need to select the perfect topic and then execute it with precision. There are many places where you can find appropriate topics: online, from your teacher, at a writing site, and we have provided a list for you as well.

15 Exciting Topics

  1. Raul Castro to Fidel Castro or any two leaders to each other
  2. Queen Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II
  3. American football to European football
  4. Middle School to High School
  5. Twitter and Facebook
  6. AOL to Yahoo
  7. Ipad Schools to Laptop Schools
  8. Speaking Spanish to Speaking French or Learning Spanish to Learning French
  9. The State of Florida to the State of California
  10. Mechanical Engineering to Electrical Engineering or any other engineering field of study
  11. Different cell phone to each other, or any different brands of electronics to each other
  12. Any car model to another car model or airplanes to each other
  13. Two popular types of sports or tennis shoes to each other
  14. Two countries, cities, or states to each other
  15. Two theme parks to each other or any two tourist attractions to each other

Once you pick the topic, look carefully at the teacher instructions. See when your due dates are and then look to see how much research you will need for each of your main ideas. You may have to provide an electronic submission, a hard copy, an outline, a reference page, and hard copies of your research.

Additionally, you will want to make sure the paper is typed in a 12-point font, that you use a plain font such as Arial, and that it is double-spaced throughout the paper. Your teacher should be able to tell you whether he or she wants an APA or a MLA format.

If you struggle at any step of the process, go and see your teacher. If you are still having difficulty, you may want to hire a tutor or a writing company. They can help you with your paper and help you to learn how to do it own your own in the future.